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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: HealthCare Partners is rebranding to Optum on June 15, 2020.

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The Physician Information Portal (PiP) is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, custom-built web application by HealthCare Partners for Primary Care Physicians and their staff to improve clinical care and physician performance. The PiP generates reports on paneled patients such as Patient Diagnosis and Referral History, Pharmacy History, and Patient Interventions that contain HCC, P4P, and other Clinical Interventions necessary for quality patient care. The PiP also provides physician scores for programs such as HCC and P4P. The Clinical Viewer is a sister application available from the PiP, that shows patient information available from multiple data sources on a single screen.

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Many reports and other applications are in development for the
Physician Information Portal, so don't miss out!

NOTE: The PiP cannot be used for Referral Authorizations or Claims Submissions. For more information, see HCP Referrals Portal or Claims Submissions.